To participate in publishing you have to:

1. Prepare an article;

2. Complete on-line registration card; 

3. Check the article for originality;

4. Send an article and registration card as separate files with the names: «Surname Name (Middle Name)_an article», «Surname Name (Middle Name)_registration card»;

5. In the text of the e-mail point out (if necessary) the number of printed certificates/collections/article repairnt etc.

E-mail address:

Articles of participants will be published in the research network publication (electronic magazine) "Hronoeconomics", a Certificate of Media Registration «ЭЛ № ФС77-64848», issued by Roskomnadzor 10 February 2016 and will be published on

Articles published in this magazine are posted in e-LIBRARY on the basis of signed publishing contract, so they will have an index of scientific citation (RISC)

The Cost of Publication:

- from 3 to 6 pages - 700 ₽ (for students 450 ₽.) 

- capacity from 6 to 9 pages – 1000 ₽ (for students 600 ₽) 

- more than 9 pages - 120 ₽ (for students 100 ₽) for each subsequent page

Pay attention:

!Partial page is counted as page

!The scientific article should not be less than 3 pages

!Page is considered the number of symbols with spaces (2000 symbols)

Authors have to pay for their articles after receipt of notification of acceptance for publishing and actual volume (including pictures, tables e.t.c.)​